This is the area at which we excel. With time crunches and a million details to organize, hotel, resort, spa, restaurant and golf openings can be particularly stressful. Let us help smooth the way to achieving the diamonds or stars you desire!


We provide the following pre-opening services:

  • Organize and facilitate recruitment
  • Develop cultural, geographic and industry specific attitude based questions
  • Train the managers to conduct the interviews
  • Organize the room flow, information flow, people flow
  • Follow up procedures i.e. organizing applications, notifications, etc.
  • Assist to develop department critical paths and training budgets
  • Train the managers to write/revise their manuals and assist with printing and distribution
  • Conduct ”Train the Trainer” sessions in order for managers to become their department trainers during the opening and beyond
  • Assist to organize additional outside training assistance, ex. POS, IT, safety
  • Develop and organize mass orientations and first day mass trainings
  • Provide guest relations (customer care) training
  • Develop hour-by-hour daily training schedules for every department
  • Organize pre-opening trial service simulations and restaurant feedings
  • Assist with pre-opening videos, pep rallies, parties, fashion shows, etc.


We provide the following post-opening services:

  • Mystery shopper evaluations to monitor progress
  • Revise manuals
  • Assist to set up training reports and tracking system to ensure continued training
  • Conduct Train the Trainer sessions for department designated trainers
  • Assist HR to set up incentive programmes