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About Christine Fleet
Christine Fleet has over 20 years of operations experience in the hospitality industry and has a comprehensive understanding of the unique business challenges and success factors of luxury hotels, spas, and resorts. She has served at the executive level of five-diamond properties with a proven track record of success. She has opened eight hotels, six as Director of Training, all of which have attained the coveted Five Diamond Award; the remainder have yet to be evaluated. Her international and multi-cultural skills, experience, and expertise make her an invaluable part of every project.

Christine is a dynamic and highly skilled trainer, with extensive experience in designing, developing, and presenting results- and quality-oriented programs. She is able to convey sophisticated knowledge of guest service expectations to management and line staff through practical, focused, and fun training programs. Her training manuals have been used to open hotels and to upgrade the service at existing hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, golf courses, and seniors’ residences. All properties with whom she has worked have received accolades for their outstanding service.

In addition to more than 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, Christine has a diverse educational background. She worked with the University of Hawaii, developing literacy and ESL (English as a Second Language) programmes for hospitality employees. Christine is also a trained Literacy Volunteer and sat on the Mayor’s Advisory Council for Adult Literacy on Kauai. She was an elementary school teacher with the Kauai Board of Education and taught a hospitality course at Maui Community College.

As an entrepreneur, Christine organized giant automobile tent sales in South Florida and she took tourists hiking and kayaking into the wilderness of Kauai.
This love of teaching, hospitality, travel, and adventure has culminated in Fleet Hospitality Consulting, Inc., bringing better service to select, upscale establishments around the world. Let us help you too!